Stress less and build what matters to you.

eMarketing Director methods for helping you:

Workbooks + Short Courses + Other Resources Developed

for Your Long-Term (Healthy) Success

The Stress Less Guides: Workbooks that will help you plan and organize your marketing.

Intent-Driven Short Courses: Deep dive into the content and make it your own.

Work + Life Style Resources: Emails and community options to take down your stress level.

A more balanced work & life style for marketers

Digital marketing eats content for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snacks. Keeping you constantly moving, changing, and stressing instead of reaching your goals and getting back to doing what you love the most. eMarketing Director helps you balance the challenges that online marketing brings, so you can create a successful and authentic work and life style for yourself.

Hi, I'm Susan. At eMarketing Director, my team and I are here to help you achieve a more balanced work & life style while you develop marketing content for you, your business, or your organization.

Susan Fant Cassity, EdD created one of the first Masters of Marketing specializations in Digital and Social Media in the USA and has over 10 years of experience in adult education in marketing, leadership, innovation, and foresight. Susan holds a doctorate in Organizational Change and Leadership from the University of Southern California and specializes in authentic leadership development during times of anxiety and rapid technological change. Susan also owns Castle Sands LLC and is a subject matter expert for a major textbook company in business topics.

Susan founded eMarketing Director to help people take the stress out of their digital marketing, so they can reach their goals and then go back to doing what they love to do (instead of worrying about all the likes, shares, and all the changes being made on the platforms). 

eMarketing Director workbooks, short courses, and resources take the newest academic theories alongside real world experience to help marketers make sense of changing technology and address the stress it can bring in a healthy, happy way.